“It was right around week 3 where my life changed for the better! My allergies started clearing up, I was sleeping and breathing better, my hives started to disappear, and BONUS… my house seemed to be a lot cleaner and for longer (less dust)! I’ve had my Air Scrubber for about 8 months now and my allergy symptoms are 10 times better and the hives have disappeared completely! I now talk to anyone that will listen about my experience!”


- Amanda M. Phoenix, Arizona


“When a skunk was electrocuted by an AC unit, our family had a horrible stench throughout their home… until they installed the Air Scrubber unit!”


-Katrina T. Newport, Oregon


I’m a homebuilder. I was involved in a new home project in Arizona and I wanted to distinguish our homes as environmentally superior. The results were above our expectations. Our clients loved the idea of killing germs, ridding the house of pet and cooking odors, and minimizing dust and debris in their AC/Heating systems. We are installing ActivePure® Technology in all our new homes now.”


- Keith D. Tucson, Arizona


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