You Can Help Protect Your Indoor Spaces With the Air Scrubber by Aerus
Just like our Activepure® Technology, we are proactive problem-solvers and we believe our work is never done.
Indoor Air purification for Every Room in Your House
Activepure® Technology 24/7 proactively reduces mold, fungus, bacteria, and viruses in the air and on surfaces, including bird and swine flu and the virus that causes COVID-19¹

Take Activepure Technology With You Or Have It Installed

Portable Solutions For Every Room

A variety of solutions designed to fit every indoor space

Portable units are not CARB certified. Not available in CA.

ActivePure Induction System

Induct Solutions For Your Whole Home

Scalable solutions available for home air duct installation

Find out What Activepure Technology can do for every room in you home.

Check Activepure Facts vs Competitors

 ActivePureIonizationShielded UVCUnshielded UVCPCO PECOHEPAESPActivated CarbonOzone
Some issues in occupied rooms
Quickly reduces recontamination
Removes VOCsSOME
Can negatively impede an HVAC system
Requires frequent cleaning or replacement
Certified Space Technology, Recognized in the Space Technology Hall of Fame

Aerus Pure & Clean

How It Works In Your Home

Why The Boch Music Center Uses Activepure Technology

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    ActivePure® is created in the USA, by a leading technology company with over 90 years of history and innovative products that have been recognized by the Smithsonian and trusted by millions of families. ActivePure® is the only air cleaning technology awarded the prestigious Certified Space Technology seal by the Space Foundation. We own worldwide rights to this proprietary ActivePure® Technology and it is the only Certified Space Technology that works to continuously clean and protect air and surfaces 24 hours a day.

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      There are 20 coupons remaining.

      Be one of the first 20 customers to respond to get $200 off ActivePure!

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