ActivePure® Technology Reviews
What contractors and customers are saying about Air Scrubber by Aerus

Saved Home

“I was able to save my carpets… my mattresses… heck, my house, due to this amazing technology.”
Klint K.

Protected Home Against Local Gas Leak

“We installed several thousand Air Scrubber units with ActivePure® Technology during the Porter Ranch gas leak in Southern California. We couldn’t be happier with sales through the roof and huge customer satisfaction.”
Bob W.

Animal Accident

“When a skunk was electrocuted by an AC unit, one family had a horrible stench throughout their home… until the installed the Air Scrubber unit!”
Katrina T.

Odor Control

“I’m a homebuilder. I was involved in a new home project in Arizona and I wanted to distinguish our homes as environmentally superior. The results were above our expectations. Our clients loved the idea of killing germs, ridding the house of pet and cooking odors, and minimizing dust and debris in their AC/Heating systems. We are installing ActivePure® Technology in all our new homes now.”
Keith D.

Elderly Healthcare

“My elderly grandmother has been smoking in her home for over 30 years, so naturally, her whole home was covered in the smell of smoke. In December 2016, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and has it has been in an uphill battle ever since. The Doctor’s shared with us that she will never be cancer-free and will need to be on an oxygen tank for the rest of her life, even while she is in the comfort of her own home. Although her complications from smoking hasn’t left her or her home in the best shape, she desperately looked for products that would help alleviate the smoke odor and help her breathe easier in her home. Unfortunately, no product seemed to help.”
Zach T.

Service Manager Turned Customer

“I have been in this field a long time. I was a service technician before I became a Service Manager. As a technician IAQ products seemed like a gimmick to me because the products available to me at the time didn’t produce the results advertised on the box. Over the years the technology became better and I slowly became a believer. I wasn’t 100% completely sold on any product in particular as a technician or as a service manager. That is until I was presented the Air Scrubber. This is the first air purifier I ever believed in enough to have personally for myself and my family. I have seen firsthand, this product do exactly what is advertised.”
Justin W.